First Day of Fall


No, this is not the official first day of fall, but it is by my yardstick. We had the windows open all day today! It was a lovely, cooler, windy day. There were clouds this morning, but now the sky is totally AZ clear. The pomegranates are getting very close to pickable!


Some of the juniper berries are turning blue and I’m seeing a lot more birds around. The Phainopeplas are back in force (one of my favs.) Goodbye summer…don’t hurry back!

Monsoon Finishing Strong

cloudsWe have been able to open windows at night for the past few days. This may sound like no big deal, but after the normal AZ summer of 24/7 air conditioning, it is a major event. The Monsoon is winding down and I am glad. I love Monsoon when it comes in, but by Sept. I am ready for it to go away! I am looking forward to being able to put stuff in the greenhouse, but for now, I am enjoying the nights with open windows and no fake air.

Thunder Snow!

Snow! by azmichelle
Snow!, a photo by azmichelle on Flickr.

Yesterday was a weird weather day. We had snow, snow mixed with rain and thunder snow. There is actually some left on the ground this morning, though it won’t last long. When I went outside, the snow crunched under my feet. That is an experience we don’t get very often around here.

Footprints in the Snow

 Paw Prints in the Crunchy Snow.

Rain and Snow. Finally!

Snow On The MountainsWe finally got some moisture in Big Bug country. Rain around the house, but snow at a bit higher elevations.


We got so much rain, I was sure the Big Bug would be running. As soon as there was a break in the storm, I said to my husband, “let’s go take a look at the creek!” Well, I’ve been wrong before. There was some water, but no flow. Not that I’m complaining, mind you. It has been weeks since we got any precipitation at all, so I am most grateful for this storm. We did get a ton of rain, but everything was so dry it must have just soaked it all up like a giant sponge!

I Heart Fall!

Friday was the first day since last spring that we were able to use the oven in the house.  The high was only about 72 F and there was a nice breeze.  It is such a relief after the oppressive heat of the summer.  We baked some biscuits and a nice cranberry quick-bread.   We cook outside all summer, but some things just don’t bake as well in the gas grill as they do in the oven.


It was a tad warmer yesterday, so we decided to do the pork roast out on the grill.  Quite delicious!

The forecast for today is 80/44, which is still pretty lovely.  I’ve decided to make note of the weather more often, especially this time of  year.  That way, in the dregs of the summer, I can look at these posts and remember that the beautiful weather will come again!  Kind of like Fredrick* with a seasonal reverse. ;)

*Lionni, Leo, Frederick. New York, Pantheon, 1967.  (I loved this book as a kid and still do!)

Hint of Fall

The pomegranates are getting ripe and the air is getting, well, not exactly cool, but cooler. The monsoon took a hike last week and I’m assuming it is gone for this year. While I enjoy the rain and storms, the humidity is oppressive at times. I’m glad to have back our drier Arizona air. We have been able to open windows at night again and it is lovely.