I Heart Fall!

Friday was the first day since last spring that we were able to use the oven in the house.  The high was only about 72 F and there was a nice breeze.  It is such a relief after the oppressive heat of the summer.  We baked some biscuits and a nice cranberry quick-bread.   We cook outside all summer, but some things just don’t bake as well in the gas grill as they do in the oven.


It was a tad warmer yesterday, so we decided to do the pork roast out on the grill.  Quite delicious!

The forecast for today is 80/44, which is still pretty lovely.  I’ve decided to make note of the weather more often, especially this time of  year.  That way, in the dregs of the summer, I can look at these posts and remember that the beautiful weather will come again!  Kind of like Fredrick* with a seasonal reverse. 😉

*Lionni, Leo, Frederick. New York, Pantheon, 1967.  (I loved this book as a kid and still do!)


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