monsoon clouds

Monsoon Clouds

Wow, it is already August! July flew by. Monsoon finally started around the second week. It seemed to take forever, but once it started, we got nice amounts of rain. Everything is very green and the fires are out. Unfortunately, Mayer has been getting some flooding due to heavy rains on the burn scar of the Goodwin fire. It hasn’t affected our neighborhood, but I feel for the folks right near the Bug Bug Creek.

Right now we are getting a dry break for a few days. It went down in the low 60s last night, so this morning was pleasant. I was going to open the windows, but Mister need to weed whip so I left them shut. I got out and did a bit of weed pulling myself. The place is crazy with weeds due to all the rain, so I feel like I barely made a dent.

Monsoon should be reappearing later in the week. For now, I am enjoying the drier air. Today’s high was about 92, which is hot but tolerable. The cucumbers and beans are beginning to bloom, so we will see what comes of that!


2 thoughts on “Monsoon

  1. I was told the monsoons here in ABQ were pretty impressive this year compared to past years. Actual lightening strikes up in the Sandias, and some flooding down in the Bosque, for the first time in a very long time.

    i will need to check out where Big Bug Creek is – I lived in Page, AZ last year for about 9 months and my brother and his wife were in Clarksville, AZ for about a year before they started their overland trip down to South America. (They’re currently in Guatemala.)

    • I love the monsoon here, when we actually get good rain. The Big Bug Creek is around Mayer and Cordes Junction. Was your brother in Clarkdale? We are a little less than an hour south of there.

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