Bird Bonanza!

We always have a lot of birds in our area, but this time of year we see even more. Some of them are passing through on the way to their summer homes, while some hang around longer.

I wasn’t sure what kind of bird this was, but some Twitter friends helped with the ID:

House Finch

This bright red Cardinal was keeping his distance…

At a safe distance.

Then he decided to come closer.

On the greenhouse.

And even closer…

On the fence.

Finally, his cousin stopped by for a brief visit before they both flew off.


(Thanks to Linda for the ID on this one.  I thought at first it was a female Cardinal. ha!)

All in all it was a fine birdy morning!


Stormy Day

We’ve been getting a lot of rain the past few days.  There was a brief break in the storms, so we took a walk while we had the chance.  Saw this gang of birds (redwing blackbirds?) hanging out and enjoying the day.


This heron blended right in with his surroundings.  Can you see him?