Agua Fria and a Gila Monster!


It was nice and cool this morning, so we went down to see how the Agua Fria River was flowing. As you can see, it has water but it is a slow flow. That is not surprising since we had a relatively dry winter this year.

On the way back, we came across a Gila Monster. Very cool to see one of these critters out in the field! He wanted to get away from us as quickly as he could. It looked like something had already taken a chunk out of his tail, so I’m sure he didn’t want to take any chances with the likes of us!


Gotta Get Away!


Grrr…Pesky Humans!


Are They Gone Yet?

We left the monster in peace and headed back towards home. The dark sky over the Bradshaw Mountains was warning of rain. Nice to see the stormy skies in late May.

Storm clouds


Almost Fall


Some of the saved beauties.

Monday is the first day of Fall and I can’t wait! It is very hot and humid here today, so I am looking forward to the monsoon leaving and temps. beginning to cool. Despite the gross atmosphere, we had to go out and pick pomegranates today. Ripe pomegranates are another sure sign of fall. When Mr. LOTBB looked out the window and saw our friendly neighborhood Mockingbird out there pecking away at the pomegranates, he insisted we go out and pick them right away. Can’t we wait until it cools down a bit, I pleaded? It was about 3 pm., the hottest and stickiest part of the day, but there was no stopping him. The pomegranates must be saved! And they were.

The humidity brings out a lot of bugs. Along with the pesky ones, the beneficials come out too. This guy was a little taken aback when I started getting in his face with my camera!

How DO You Do?

How DO You Do?

Finally, I saw this oh-so-cute little bundle doing his best to hide behind a bucket. I hope he is okay and that his mother is not far away. He was such a little thing and so sweet. I was afraid of scaring him away, but I managed to get a few shots and then left him in peace.

Can you see me?

Can you see me?



First Day of Fall


No, this is not the official first day of fall, but it is by my yardstick. We had the windows open all day today! It was a lovely, cooler, windy day. There were clouds this morning, but now the sky is totally AZ clear. The pomegranates are getting very close to pickable!


Some of the juniper berries are turning blue and I’m seeing a lot more birds around. The Phainopeplas are back in force (one of my favs.) Goodbye summer…don’t hurry back!

Bird Bonanza!

We always have a lot of birds in our area, but this time of year we see even more. Some of them are passing through on the way to their summer homes, while some hang around longer.

I wasn’t sure what kind of bird this was, but some Twitter friends helped with the ID:

House Finch

This bright red Cardinal was keeping his distance…

At a safe distance.

Then he decided to come closer.

On the greenhouse.

And even closer…

On the fence.

Finally, his cousin stopped by for a brief visit before they both flew off.


(Thanks to Linda for the ID on this one.  I thought at first it was a female Cardinal. ha!)

All in all it was a fine birdy morning!