Rain and Then Snow

Big Bug country received a nice amount of rain as two storms came our way the end of this week. The first storm came in Thursday and was just rain. We got a total of 1.77 inches! The Big Bug was flowing:

big-bug-creekBig Bug Flowing

The next storm started as rain on Christmas Eve day, then turned to snow by the evening. It gave us our first white Christmas since we have lived in Arizona. We get some snow every winter, but getting it on Christmas was especially nice! This storm rain total was .63 inches with about 1/2 an inch of snow.

Merry Christmas!


Snowy Morning

We don’t get a lot of snow around here, but when we do it is fun!  Last night brought about two inches of wet, heavy snow.  It made for a beautiful, snowy morning.

Snow Everywhere!

Snowy Mountains

Snowy Tree

The trees were heavy with snow.


Sun in my face and snow on my back!

This was fun for a change!

The best part?  No shoveling and it is mostly gone by the end of the day.