Memorial Day

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Avenue of Flags at Henry Cordes Park. It’s always beautiful to see the flags flying in honor of our military.


The lake continues to fill!

The lake is looking pretty good these days. Thanks to all the hardworking volunteers who made this happen! It will be cool to see birds returning to the lake. Now all we need is a few trees.

Crystal Lake

The lake is slowly getting filled!


Where there’s smoke?

Quite a bit of smoke east of Cordes on Wed. Odd to see this time of year. I figured it must be a controlled burn. Sure enough, when the news came, one of the front page stories was about the controlled burning they are doing to improve the habitat for antelope.

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Yes, rain!

It rained on Sunday, yea! Even though we couldn’t do much, I’m sure it added to the Big Bug’s flow.



We grew some Santa Fe Grande peppers this year. They are delicious, with a nice kick. Great for salads. They produce a ton of peppers on a plant, too!


Back Again

Yes, I’m still around but obviously I haven’t had much to say for awhile! It’s fire season again. A new one started yesterday afternoon in the Bradshaws. It was a lightning strike, I think. There was a lot of lightning, and unfortunately, only a few drops of rain. It doesn’t seem to be threatening any homes at the moment, but it is moving towards an area with a lot of ponderosa pines that were killed by the bark beetles. Once it gets to those dead trees, it will really move.