Monsoon Still Here

Even though summer is not over, there is a hint of fall in the air. We were able to leave the windows open all night on Friday (9/4) for the first time since early June. By Sat. the humidity was back and we had to run AC all night, but it was nice to even get one night AC free!

There is a lot of Monsoon moisture in the air, which makes things icky. It sure produces some pretty clouds, though not much rain lately.

Cloudy sky

*Update: A few hours after I published this today, some rain finally moved in! It rained on and off all afternoon and the temp. dropped to 69 degrees. The windows are open and I am smiling. Happy Labor Day!


Monsoon Finishing Strong

cloudsWe have been able to open windows at night for the past few days. This may sound like no big deal, but after the normal AZ summer of 24/7 air conditioning, it is a major event. The Monsoon is winding down and I am glad. I love Monsoon when it comes in, but by Sept. I am ready for it to go away! I am looking forward to being able to put stuff in the greenhouse, but for now, I am enjoying the nights with open windows and no fake air.