What’s Happening in the Greenhouse?

The wind is howling today, although the temps. aren’t really bad. I think it is about 58 degrees, but the north wind makes it seem a little more chilly. (My apologies to all of you back East who are experiencing real cold!)

So, what is happening in the greenhouse today?

Calendula blooming

Calendula blooming



Onions Drying

Onions drying



Sprouting Pea640

Peas sprouting!

I do look forward to fresh sweet peas in a few months. The greenhouse is a wonderful place.


Looks Like Fall

PansyFall has finally arrived to the Big Bug and not a minute too soon!  I bought a bunch of pansies the other day.  I really like the unique, fall-like colors of this one.  We had a long, hot, very dry summer.  It is so nice to be able to turn off the AC and open the windows again.   Now if we could just get some rain…